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 understanding and
 appreciation of the
 Catholic Faith


Register Now for an Aquinas Institute Course!

Spring Course: THE 391 Mariology 3 sem. hours will be taught
by Monsignor Arthur Calkins, STD on Wednesdays 6:00 PM - 8:45 PM at
501 E. St. Mary Blvd in Lafayette.Classes start January 16 and end May 8.

Spring Course: THE 491 Gender Identity 3 sem. hours by Jennifer Miller
on Thursdays 6:00 - 8:45 PM at 2315 Johnston St. Lafayette.
Classes begin Jan. 17 and end May 9

The classes can be taken for college credit (accredited through University of Holy Cross)
or for catechetical credit (audit).
For more info or to register call (337) 394-6550, email,
or go to

Nature of the Institute

The Aquinas Institute for Theology and Catholic Studies is a center for adult education in the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana, approved by Bishop Jarrell in July 2006. The Aquinas Institute provides a variety of courses in the areas of theology and Catholic studies. The Institute desires to foster among the Catholic faithful a deeper understanding of the faith and a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and the Church. The Aquinas Institute is commited to presenting fundamental themes of Catholicism in fidelity to Sacred Scriptures, Tradition, and the Church's Magisterium. In areas of theology and philosophy, the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas will be given a privileged place among the theologians and philosophers presented.

Operation and Structure

Students can take courses for college credit in which case they register for the AI courses online directly through University of Holy Cross and select the Lafayette/AI campus. Students can also take the AI courses without college credit by registering directly online at the AI website. The institute receives its funding through tuition collected from the students who are enrolled in courses of the Aquinas Institute for catechetical credit and through donations. Although the institute is not presently an undergraduate degree program, its courses receive academic college credit through the University of Holy Cross in New Orleans. Overseeing the mission of the Aquinas Institute is the responsibility of the Director of the institute, Fr. Michael Champagne, CJC who is appointed by the diocesan Bishop. The Aquinas Institute is an agency of the Community of Jesus Crucified - Priest, Brother, and Sister Servants


Courses of the Aquinas Institute normally meet once a week in a three-hour session, or twice per week in two hour and half sessions. A 3-credit hour course consists of 45 contact hours per semester. In the fall and spring semesters this involves 15 weeks of classes. Summer semesters require meeting more frequently as they are shorter semesters. Appropriate breaks are given during the lectures. Instructors of the individual courses may make other arrangements, but full courses always involve a minimum of 45 contact hours of instruction for a three credit course. The curriculum offered by the Aquinas Institute includes courses in philosophy and theology with themes foundational to the Catholic faith.

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